Installing R Packages over proxy authentication

If you are running behind the proxy sever and you need to install the R packages ex : Bioconductor packages  first you need to set the proxy environment on the terminal using the command like given below :

export http_proxy= proxy_user_name : proxy_usesr’s_password @ Proxy_IP_Address:Proxy_Port_no.

example :

$export http_proxy=user:password@

type bash and enter to set the proxy.

similarly you can export ftp_proxy , https_proxy  if needed otherwise http_proxy is enough to set.

Installing from the Linux Terminal :

Start R Terminal by pressing R and enter key.




Installing from archive(tar.gz)  :

First download the package(tar.gz) from Bioconductor or CRAN(

The go to the download place from terminal and then type:

$R CMD INSTALL tar.gz_package

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