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ssh over Authenticated proxy in Ubuntu

To connect to the remote Linux system using ssh we have to configure the proxy settings.

1) First install corkscrew by sudo apt-get install corkscrew

2) Create a file vi /home/username/.corkscrew-auth  replace username of yours & edit the file by adding your proxy username:password and save the file.

3) Edit the ssh configuration file  vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config  and append the following line to it and save :

ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p /home/username/.corkscrew-auth

where replace with your proxy host name , 8080 with the port no,file /home/username/.corkscrew-auth having username and password


Get Linux Hardware Information


Memory Information : sudo cat /proc/meminfo

CPU Information : sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo

PCI  Information : sudo lspci

For Ubuntu:

All Information : sudo lshw


Mount NTFS disks in CentOS

Just follow the guidelines given on following link.

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